• Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra appears on Geekbench; specifications announced | Pink Villa

    by admin on 2021-12-12 13:15:47

    Samsung is expected to launch its next flagship smartphone in the first quarter of next year. There are rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S22 series will be launched on February 8 next year; however, the company has not issued any statement on this. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has been found on the Gee

  • LightPath Technologies Receives Exclusive License for Infrared Patent Portfolio of U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

    by admin on 2021-12-12 13:14:53

    Unlock access to multiple multi-billion dollar markets, including infrared imaging and multispectral imaging

    Orlando, Florida / ACCESSWIRE / December 1, 2021 / LightPath Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: LPTH) ("LightPath", "Company" or "us"), a company that provides engineering solutions for the

  • The 5 best optometrists in Detroit, Michigan

    by admin on 2021-12-12 13:14:09

    Below is a list of the top and leading optometrists in Detroit. To help you find the best optometrists located near Detroit, we have compiled our own list based on this list of rating points.

    The top optometrists in Detroit, Michigan are:

    The optical world is the best source of high-q

  • Prolycht and dedolight announce collaboration on lighting technology-Newsshooter

    by admin on 2021-12-12 13:13:58

    Prolycht and dedolight announced a new technology collaboration. This is a very interesting and potentially exciting partnership between the two lighting companies, and it is now possible to collaborate on new products.

    Prolycht is a relatively new company that produces the very good Orion

  • Explain the telephoto quirks, sensor size and "macro" mode of Google Pixel 6 Pro

    by admin on 2021-12-12 13:13:07

    Pixel 6 Pro has an incredible camera system, but it’s not all available

    The periscope telephoto lens is one of the main differences between the already excellent Google Pixel 6 and the more expensive $300 Pixel 6 Pro. Whether the price increase is justified in some way will depend on the

  • Smart way to save money on glasses

    by admin on 2021-12-12 13:12:55

    Apply now for the AARP Purpose Award, which recognizes people 50 years and older who use life experience to build a better future. learn more.

    Author: Barbara Stepko, AARP, updated November 18, 2021

    Spanish | The average American spends $275 on glasses (after insurance). However

  • Comprehensive analysis of the spectacle lens market, growth forecast for 2021-2026

    by admin on 2021-12-12 13:12:31

    The survey of the spectacle lens market summarizes the operation of this business area and its growth matrix during the 20XX-20XX study period. The research reveals the main growth drivers and profitable opportunities that are critical to increasing the industry’s revenue. In addition, it uses

  • Snapchat hopes lens creators can make augmented reality useful | Snapchat Gadgets

    by admin on 2021-12-12 13:11:26

    Although Facebook is still trying to explain what Metaverse is, Snap has been working on a very different vision for the future of AR. In the past four years, the company has recruited a small group of artists, developers, and other AR enthusiasts to help build its huge library of in-app AR effec

  • Incorporate lifestyle into the lens

    by admin on 2021-12-12 13:10:53

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  • FDA-approved eye drops can reduce the need for reading glasses

    by admin on 2021-12-12 13:10:10

    Photo (c) Joachim Liedtke EyeEm-Getty Images A new type of eye drops for the treatment of hyperopia is called a game-changing drug by patients and doctors. VUITY is an eye drop product produced by AbbVie. It was recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). According to report