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2022-04-21 09:36:31 By : Ms. Phoebe Pang

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Look to these stylish glasses from Ray-Ban, Warby Parker, Caddis and other star-favored brands to potentially avoid disrupting your sleep cycle.

The coronavirus changed the way many people work, as more companies are implementing a hybrid office model that allows employees to clock in from home. And with so many teleworking and staring at Zoom classes all day, one of the most seemingly practical pandemic trends have been blue light glasses, which more people have been wearing as a way to alleviate the supposed eye strain that comes with more screen time.

Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, Jamie Foxx and other stars have sported some of the specs on social media. These clean-looking frames are designed to deflect blue light, reduce stress and even prevent the disruption of sleep patterns, but some recent studies call into question whether they do alleviate strain. As State University of New York optometry professor Dr. Mark Rosenfield recently told NPR, studies have shown that exposure to blue light can interfere with our Circadian rhythm (the internal process that regulates our sleep cycle). “We all have natural rhythm so that we know when we get tired, when it’s time to go to bed. If you want to look at your screen late at night (which probably isn’t a good idea), but unfortunately many of us still do, then the blue-blocking filters might be useful in that regard,” he says.

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For those who prefer to take extra precaution, some of the best blue light glasses can at the very least give you peace of mind when it comes to keeping your sleep schedule in check. (Though Rosenfield does recommend taking regular breaks away from the screen every 20 minutes and avoid looking at your devices at a close distance.)

Here, we’ve whittled down the wide market to 12 of the best choices out there, including offerings from Warby Parker, Ray-Ban, Diff, Caddis Danish brand Christopher Cloos and many others. Read on below for our top picks.

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Caddis is focused on being the “anti anti-aging” eyewear brand for those who embrace becoming wiser with each year, and that includes outfitting specs wearers with cool frames that are just as creative as they are. (Star stylist Lysa Cooper, Mister Cartoon, Grammy-winning musician Butch Walker and pro surfer Lisa Andersen are among the label’s fans.) What we like about Caddis’ frames is that they use the brand’s Frequency technology to infuse blue light protection directly into the lenses (rather than using a coating), which means they block 45 percent of harmful blue light. On top of that, the lenses are nearly clear and are finished with anti-reflective, hydro-phobic and oleo-phobic coating (so they reduce glare and avoid smudges).

Caddis D28 Blue Light Glasses $95 Buy now

Privé Revaux sells itself as “luxury eyewear at a fair price,” and it certainly has the star power to back that up, as it’s co-founded by Jamie Foxx, Hailee Steinfeld and Ashley Benson; Hollywood stylists Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn; and entrepreneur David Schottenstein.

In addition to fashion-forward optical and sun frames, the affordable brand also offers some of the best blue light glasses that are also available in prescription lenses. If you’re looking to make a star-inspired statement at your next virtual meeting, try these oversized round frames that J. Lo, Hailey Steinfield, Camila Cabello and Tamera Mowry have shown off on social media.

Privé Revaux The Alchemist Blue Light Glasses $40 Buy now

Stylish eyewear brand Diff’s Weston blue light glasses offer a playful, geometric edge to the classic round-eye silhouette. These slightly oversized frames come in a range of solid and transparent colors, so there’s something for every aesthetic. The brand is also running a buy-one, get-one promo, so you can grab another pair on the house.

Diff Eyewear Weston Blue Light Glasses $88 Buy now

Part of Younger star Hilary Duff’s eyewear line with Muse, these metal cat-eye frames are for anyone seeking a minimalist look. Available in silver or gold, these glasses come in a range of lens types (including single or near vision, progressive, bifocal and non-prescription) as well as blue light-blocking, photochromic, tinted or polarized options. The starry collaboration also happens to be 20% off right now when you use the code PREMIUM20.

Muse Hilary Duff Sonia Blue Light Glasses (reg. $94) $75 Buy now

Pixel pours time into making sure its glasses are of optimal clarity. Lenses feature such as Resistant to scratches, fingerprints and dust particles, All of Pixel’s glasses are also UV resistant, something few other brands on the market offer. There are a lot of great options to choose from, but the most unique might be its Ventus model, combining rounded rims with slight cat-eye tips — a bit of a statement piece for teleworking.

Pixel Eyeware Ventus Blue Light Glasses $75 Buy now

Felix Gray specializes in blue light glasses, with all of its models built around deflecting those waves. Every pair comes with an “Anti-Reflective” coating that claims to block 99% of glare, claiming to prevent eye fatigue and make vision clearer. They also offer “sleep” glasses that help maintain melatonin levels, settling the brain down. These glasses are meant to be used in the evening, usually after work, and target a specific blue-light wavelength said to affect chemical imbalances necessary to sleep. There are a lot of cool designs, but our favorite are the Hamilton blue light glasses for their minimalist, wiry look.

Felix Gray Hamilton Blue Light Glasses $105 Buy now

For those who prefer to avoid oversized frames, these bold square blue light glasses manage to give a clean, streamlined look, thanks to the clear frame and pop of tortoiseshell color around the lenses. We like that these glasses are also prescription-friendly, and right now the Australian eyewear brand is offering two blue light frames for just $40.

Quay Hardwire Two-Tone Blue Light Glasses $55 Buy now

MVMT began as a watch brand, but has since expanded into eyewear and jewelry. In the watch world, it stands out for its classic California design with a modern twist. And it has taken that same principle into blue light glasses, making stylish designs with its signature “everscroll” technology, which promises solid UV protection as well as anti-reflective technology. With a range of minimalist, light styles, it’s hard to go wrong. These round Ingram frames are particularly cool, especially with a tortoiseshell finish.

MVMT Ingram Blue Light Glasses $75 Buy now

Traditional brands have gotten into the blue light market, too. Ray-Ban has expanded its repertoire in recent years, offering lenses are mostly water repellent and don’t have a yellow tint as some other options. The appeal of Ray Ban, though, is the classic design. Their Wayfarer, Clubmaster and Aviator frames can all be customized with blue light protection — and are also available as prescriptions for those who need magnification. Right now is a good time to buy, too, as some prescriptions are currently running at 50 percent off on Ray-Ban’s website.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Glasses $183+ Buy now

A lot of glasses come right off the assembly line — immaculately made and highly functional, but with little human attention to detail. Warby Parker inverts that narrative, emphasizing final checks made by real people to ensure quality. Each design starts with a rough model, but then offers a number of customizations for a more tailored fit. One of those are blue light filters. Warby Parker claims to block 100 percent of UV rays, and are lighter than other blue light glasses on the market.

Warby Parker Carlton $183+ Buy now

Zenni’s appeal is in its affordability. While some blue light glasses might seem like a steal at $70, Zenni prices its pairs even lower, with a blue light customization costing as little as $25. Celebrities such as Rashida Jones have endorsed the brand’s “Blokz” technology, which can be tailored to various prescription needs. Zenni offers over 800 frame styles, nearly all of which can be fitted with blue light lenses, making them the most versatile maker on the market. We like these classic rectangle glasses that can be upgraded with blue light customization.

Zenni Rectangle Frame Blue Light Glasses $24 Buy now

Danish designer brand Christopher Cloos recently launched a collaboration with Tom Brady, producing a number of intriguing options all made from biodegradable materials, including these round tortoise frames. That line comes with specialized packaging and a cleaning cloth printed with various Brady quotes.

Their blue light technology is solid, too. They’re one of the few brands to guarantee the blockage of yellow coloration, and are also light enough to avoid a clunky feeling when being worn for long hours. Most of all, though, Cloos glasses have a stylish European flair that makes them distinctive. Our favorite is the Pampelonne, named after a beach in the St. Tropez area.

Christopher Cloos Pampelonne Blue Light Glasses $179 Buy now

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